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Safety Statement:

The Big Bounce Company LLC., strives to make your event a safe and successful one. Instructions are printed on the front of the inflatables. Safety rules that are posted must be observed and followed by all occupants who enter the inflatable, and supervisors who are watching the inflatable. Please go over the safety rules before allowing anyone to enter an inflatable. Adult supervision is required at all times! Our delivery staff or event coordinator will go over additional rules at the time of your event. Our products are professionally manufactured and maintained.

Prior to your Event Procedure:

1. Make sure that you have a check ready prior to the event. We accept payment on delivery or before the actual event, but not during or after the event.

2. Make sure you have enough space! Measure out a 17' by 20' spot for a big bounce.

3. Make sure you have an available and appropriate power supply. Our motors use 11 amps and must be on their own circuit. We also must set up our inflatables within 100' of a power source.

4. Make sure you get rid of any sticks, toys, waste, or any other objects in the area in which you want us to set up your inflatable.

5. Be sure that there are no pipes or other obstructions under the ground of the area in which you want your inflatable. We must stake down our equipment so that the inflatable stays secure. The Big Bounce Company LLC is not responsible for any damage caused by staking in our equipment.

Rain Procedure:

The Big Bounce Company LLC will not charge you due to cancellation caused by rain if you cancel prior to having your rented inflatable set up. Once we have set up the inflatable in your desired area, no refund will be given.

1. If it is raining, our inflatables cannot be running! It will get wet in the inflatable, causing undesirable safety hazards for occupants.

2. If it begins to rain, the first thing you must do is turn off the power to the inflatable by turning the power switch on the motor off, or unplugging the unit. Next, untie the strap to the inflatable air hose sticking out on the opposite side of the motor to let air out.

3. Once a sufficient amount of air is out of the inflatable, cover the inflatable with the provided tarps. Make sure you tuck in the tarps under the inflatable so that the tarps do not fly away.





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